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FAQ's & Hot Tips

How to Light a Fire

Start with some small twigs and kindling over some bunched up newspaper. It may help to screw newspaper up like sticks.

If you have a log burner place two large pieces of wood on the bottom of the fire. Place newspaper between the two logs and layer the kindling on top of the two larger logs in a crisscrossed pattern. This helps to get more air into the fire and will enable the fire to be easily relit if doesn’t light first time.

Light the fire with some safety matches or a lighter and try to double the size of the fire each time you add to it. Remember that adding too larger pieces of wood to the fire too early may smother the fire.

How much wood do I need?

Firewood is sold as a thrown m³. Here are some approximate quantities of how much wood you may burn in a season.

The average house would use approximately 6 to 8m³ a season.

If you have 1 to 2 fires a week, per season:
Approximately 3m³

If you have 2 to 3 fires a week, per season:
Approximately 4m³

If you have 4 to 5 fires a week, per season:
Approximately 8m³

If your fire is going all the time, per season:
10-12m³ +

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